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Welcome to the first post of our blog. Qualia blog is not just an ordinary blog but a window to encounter yourself with the self within. Don’t worry, we are not inviting you to a psychiatry session & trying to showcase the “you inside”.Our objective is to hold a mirror to the organizations & each member of them; to foster, improve, develop & experience.

What are the main subjects we are going to talk about:

In Qualia, you will encounter four values and subjects to which we cling ourselves. Qualia agency has created a playground of its own. Our concerns are not in the form of preoccupation but are of a value-based, objective-oriented nature that we are going to surf each topic with an introductory approach to dig into each subject in further articles.

Business Design

But what do we mean by business design in Qualia?A conventional definition of Business design is a mixed operation of the tools business thinkers, analysts, and strategists working together to implement the methodology of “Mindset Design” in a business.Whether a start-up or a corporation, designing business with new thinking models & decision-making tactics would be influential in Customer/Consumer Journey & Experience.Not clear?Don’t worry!We will dig into the concept in further articles.

Organizational Capacity

This is the section we thrive on. As Leadership & Human Resources are primary concerns of Qualia to create impact for businesses, Organizational Capacity plays an important role in the development of the businesses we have already started designing. Organizations are a non-negligible part of every employee and employer’s life. We often fall into the trap called The “Four Disciplines of Execution” or “operational whirlwind,” which is the definition of being reactive rather than proactive. It’s the energy of keeping the business operation going on a daily basis; Though, though it prevents any new thing from happening. The whirlwind creates distortion rather than the focus required to move forward. Lost in definitions happen when the whirlwind and strategic goals mix up in the minds of the leaders for both are mandatory factors of an organization’s survival.
In other words, In reactory maligned model, focus gets involved in minor & reaction in major. Via implementation of Organizational Capacity, we empower the organization with “the ability to perform”. Our goal is to reach higher scores through psychological & behavioral achievements.

Innovation Ecosystems

This concept needs several hours of practice & system agility to capture the main gist of it.In simple words, Innovation Ecosystem is a triangular cycle of three major elements: Actors, Artifacts (any kind of resources) and Activities consecutively.Each element has a cycle of its own before reaching the next level. The harmonious circling of these three elements lead to a successful Innovation Ecosystem.Let’s make the definition easier to comprehend. In Natural Ecosystems, with the termination of a resource, an alternative will play the previous role till it ends too and give way to other resources. But in the Innovation Ecosystem, the artifacts are complementary to each other & actors are collaborative rather competitive.With these 2 major elements in synchrony, actions will be in compliance too.Still ambiguous?Don’t worry.the concept will be explained in further articles.

Experience Strategy

Each business is a two-way road. There is a supplier & there is a user. In the cycle of supply & demand, a successful business focuses on giving the experience to increase the demand rather than decreasing the supply. Our major concern is to reinforce business goals & users’ needs. For the sake of clarification, consider a weighing scale. If you want to keep the balance, you have to put the exact weight versus the product that needed weighing. The experience strategy is the same. Organizations are always in the battle of making their business goals with customer needs. A successful customer experience strategy would stick to 4 obligatory factors:

1. Competitive insight
2. Consumer research
3. Marketplace data
4. Mission & vision

What we do is to make this battle a fun game of harmonious rise and fall. Aligning customer experience with the corporate strategies is our expertise which will be elaborated on in further articles.

With this prelude, Qualia agency associates itself with the accurate implementation of its values to make businesses create, foster & flourish.

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