Qualia CEO among the lecturers of Future-Proof Leadership Conference

Future-proofing the organizations is a crucial matter especially when we reach the post-pandemic era. The 7s framework introduced by Mckenzie illustrates how all the soft elements (Shared Values, Skills, Style & Staff) are intertwined & linked with the hard elements (Strategy, Structure & Systems). The placement of Shared Values in the center of the orbital-format model intensifies its importance for the sake of the development of all other 6 factors. In short, the model showcases the cruciality of reinforcement of all elements together in order to create balance & performance infinitely. The order of evaluating the core initially, hard elements & then soft elements illustrates the adjustments needed in the process of re-analyzing the whole framework & its elements working closely together for the sake of impact achievement.

This matter, which is via anticipating the future and developing methods, is to minimize the negative effects of elements such as shocks, stresses, etc. in the future events. In industries such as electronics, medical industry, industrial design, and more recently, in design for climate change, the trail of future-proofing could be obviously seen for the sake of leadership regardless of its domain. Being part of the governmental body, Private sector, or NGOs, Future-proofing is essential for the sake of leadership & human resources development at the heart of each organization.

This year, the Fourth National Conference on Identifying and Cultivating Future Managers will be organized by Mana Institute whose mission is “to develop & empower organizations through educational workshops, evaluation & content publication.” The target audience of past events were Senior Managers, C-suite Executives, Leaders & Experts in Human Resources Development, and Entrepreneurs with a concentration on recognition, identifying, evaluating & nurturing future managers on a national scale.

Organized on 27, 28 & 29 of Ordibehesht (May 17, 17 & 19) via online platforms make this event more tech-savvy with a major focus on the Identification & nurturing of future managers.

In the words of Mana Institute, the objective of this year’s event will be “Shaping the scientific direction of evaluation and development processes via creating an opportunity to share ideas, plans, and knowledge generated as an output of the projects implemented in the field of evaluation and development of managers.”

Qualia CEO, Kaveh Yazdifard, will be among the main lecturers of the event sharing his Scientific, fact-based expertise, up-to-date knowledge & interdisciplinary experiences with his audience.

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