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Strategic Insight

Behind every well-designed strategy or solution lies a very solid insight; ranging from a deep understanding of the latest trends, industry competition to consumer behavior study and forecasting. Discovering the right insights is the key to all our achievements in Qualia.

What is?

An accurate and thorough understanding of what everyone just sees and hears is a prelude to design, brainstorm and achieve a precise design.Insight contributes to overcome biases and see fathomless and longer routes to the future and make the right decisions.

To reframe a problem, a comprehensive brief from the client is accompanied by investigating secondary sources and sometimes digging deeper to reach the root-causes by primary research methods. Nevertheless, the key to an effective insight is defining clear goals and utilizing the appropriate methods, in the quickest and least costly way.


1. Correctly identify and define the problem we want to solve

2. Know the definition of the purpose of the research

3. Choose the right method and methodology 

4. Creative use of analytical tools

5. Creative use of analytical tools, quantitative and even the use of qualitative data, to enrich that insight.

Social Innovation

All stakeholders in the society are playing a role in the intertwined system of business networks, each a different impact and with different requirements. Designers are now doing more than only look and function of the products; they are focusing on complex problems and global challenges. 

In Qualia, we design solutions with regard to all stakeholders, to sustainably enhance the quality of life and respect human values.

What is?

The convergence of dynamic forces—such as new and emerging technologies, new ways of connecting people and organizing work, and new ideas from around the world and across sectors—is creating exciting opportunities for breakthroughs in how public problems are solved.

Monitor Institute by Deloitte helps funders and social entrepreneurs make sense of leading-edge innovation theory and practice, translating recent advances in commercial innovation strategy for social sector success.


1. Funding breakthrough ideas. 

2. Challenging existing orthodoxies to develop new approaches. 

3. Crafting social innovation portfolios


Business Design

Viable businesses are designed as the tested solution to a well-discovered challenge in the market. Principles of design has led to the methods and tools to develop and test innovative business models very much more focused on sustainable services.

What is?

In Qualia, designing services happens based on a macro- look, navigating market, as well as a micro- understanding of human needs, financial plans, go-to-market plans, and carefully designed services, all ending up to a storytelling way of presentation. 

The business design emerged as an approach because, following the widespread adoption of customer-centricity in the design of products and services over the past decade, many innovation teams found themselves struggling to demonstrate a return on innovation. 


1. Defining and framing the problem

2. Defining and proving the value of design

3. Identifying opportunity areas

4. Business modeling and prototyping

5. Business Planning & Financial Projection

Behavior Change Design

This is where Service Design meets design for Behavior Change. It is about solving user needs, the context in which decisions take place. Behavioral Design takes insights from behavioral sciences and connects them with product design. Furthermore, Behavioral Design provides frameworks that translate behavioral sciences to product/service/experience development. The best way to think about Behavioural Design is to think of it as the combination of Design Thinking with the Science of Influence. 

What is?

Behavioral Design is a systematic understanding of how people think and how they make decisions. This understanding forms the basis of thinking about interventions that lead to behavioral change.

We design stand-alone or integrated digital solutions with real-world interactions that best address the contexts, cultures, and capabilities of our client partners and intervention beneficiaries.


1. Consciousness Raising 

2. Dramatic Relief 

3. Self-Reevaluation 

4. Environmental Reevaluation 

5. Social Liberation 

6. Self-Liberation 

7. Helping Relationships 

8. Counter-Conditioning 

9. Reinforcement Management 

10. Stimulus Control 

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